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21 Jan 2022 [services]

Winston69 develops 'Monerochan' Discord bot

21 Jan 2022 [services]

Friday Monero Market Thread - 21 January 2022

20 Jan 2022 [CCS]

Wobole completes German translations of 'Sound Money, Safe Mode' and 'Monero Means Money' subtitles

20 Jan 2022 [bounties]

rimuru proposes bounty for XMR price proxy server over I2P

20 Jan 2022 [culture]

'The Monero Moon' Issue #28 published

19 Jan 2022 | Updated 20 Jan 2022 [CCS]

selsta's CCS proposal to continue dev work on Monero for 3 more months is ready for funding

19 Jan 2022 [events]

Monero Development Workgroup meeting scheduled for 29 January 2022 1700 UTC

19 Jan 2022 [services]

ByBit lists XMR/USDT derivative pair


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