Hi. I am escapethe3RA, the maintainer of Monero Observer. This is my humble effort to contribute something of value to the Monero community and also give the outside world a chance to learn about Monero.

While it is virtually impossible to report on every story out there as it happens, I will do my best and use the limited time that I can spare to post consistently.


All my contact details are digitally signed with my public key:

You can follow my step by step guide if you need help verifying my accounts.


XMPP is the preferred communication method. Read related meta post.

Say hi, send feedback, questions, stories or community messages to the XMPP address below:


Notice: recently cTemplar has been experiencing ongoing DDOS attacks; my replies might be delayed.

If you can’t use XMPP, send emails to:

Fingerprint: BCE1 5F74 D181 1282 4899 608A FD10 3120 DC7B CC36


You can directly support me and this project using Monero:

XMR: 867TAc58FK2ScH6Kyz9VSJZYSKGbyGfRiJB7M7yV2qEdamdQsxJafEbXxp6QoAkVCjjarKTbsmsZuEm1XymGmSquRdZnN2C

Thank you for contributing, I really appreciate the support! Private messages and tips are pretty much the best way to let me know someone is reading and finds my work helpful, as I don’t ever intend to add any sort of analytics to the site.


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