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16 Oct 2021 [culture]

Justin Ehrenhofer and Vik Sharma join Douglas Tuman and sunchakr in Monerotopia Ep.35

16 Oct 2021 [services]

COMIT publishes XMR-BTC atomic swap tool v0.10.0-alpha pre-release

15 Oct 2021 [meta]

Looking for new Monero Observer dark theme feedback

15 Oct 2021 [culture]

MarilynMonero21 invites community to Monero pumpkin carving contest

15 Oct 2021 [dev]

Justin Berman publishes his third CCS progress report

15 Oct 2021 [services]

Friday Monero Market Thread - 15 October 2021

14 Oct 2021 [culture]

Douglas Tuman discusses Monero with Timothy Picciott in latest Monero Talk episode

14 Oct 2021 [jobs]

MoneroMerch looking for graphic designers

14 Oct 2021 [culture]

Kevin Wad interviews Monero artist Crypt0-bear

14 Oct 2021 [dev]

j-berman proposes wallet-side 'binning' PoC for decoy selection algorithm