12 Nov 2021 | Updated 30 Nov 2021 [events]

Douglas Tuman to clear the air around Monerotopia 2022 Miami event with XMRtopia Uncensored relaunch

Douglas Tuman1 is looking to clear the air2 around the upcoming Monerotopia 2022 Miami event3 by relaunching as XMRtopia Uncensored:

Join us TMRW for a LIVE chat @ 11AM-EST to discuss the recent #Monerotopia2022 debacle & get ur thoughts on relaunching as XMRtopia Uncensored!

According to Douglas4, he effectively had to cancel one of the listed speakers (Chris Sky5) after controversy:

I was going to let the community vote but some powerful figures in the community are threatening to effectively cancel the entire event if the outcome is in Chris’s favor. Not even MoneroTopia is safe from cancel culture.

Even though multiple6 shots7 have been fired8 from all9 sides10, it seems that the Monero community is ready to leave this incident behind and focus on more important things.

Here’s the list of updated speakers:

Early Adopter tickets16 can be bought right now for $59 USD from the new Monerotopia website.

Hopefully Douglas can set this whole thing straight in tomorrow’s Monerotopia episode, which should be streamed at 11AM (EST)17.

Update: added link to Monerotopia Ep.39 recording18.

Update 11/30: updated speaker list19.

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